What Is MOD?

What is the potential dollar savings you could have by managing your companies Experience Modification?

Have you simply crossed your fingers and hoped you would get to or maintain a good Experience Modification or has your current broker worked with you to identify how your mod was developed and put into place very simple processes to help try and reduce your mod?

Has your current broker offered any advice or strategy to help you reduce your Experience Modification and thus your premiums going forward?

Our clients are offered a free Workers Compensation Modification analysis which will clearly show you how your mod was developed and the overall impact claims have had on your mod.

Experience Modification Factor:

Comparison of actual to expected losses of certain business types over a 3 year period. A modification over a 1.00 leaves a business paying more than average for his workers compensation insurance vs. others in a similar business. A modification under a 1.00 leaves a business paying LESS than average for his workers compensation insurance compared to his competition. A true competitive edge.

Debit Mod: Experience modifications over a 1.00
Credit Mod: Experience modifications under a 1.00

Experience modification is developed from using payroll, Losses and state and industry specific values to determine each businesses unique mod.


Workers Compensation Insurance Developed Premium: $ 100,000

Debit Mod: $100,000

Mod: 1.25

Premium Paid: $125,000

Debit Mod: $100,000

Mod: 0.80

Premium Paid: $80,000

Do you know what factors determine your experience modification?

Has your current broker offered you a free EXPERIENCE MODIFICATION ANALYSIS – That will show you what makes up your particular mod?

Has your current broker offered to put into place NO COST risk management tools to help drive down your mod and corresponding premium?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions. Please contact us today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation. We want to EARN your business and are compensated by the insurance company. No out of pocket cost to you for our services – we simply will ask that you allow us to be your insurance agent and prove our value.

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