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Workers’ compensation, also called workers’ comp, workmans comp and work comp, is the system put in place to compensate employees for injuries or illnesses they sustain at work that result in medical care or missing work. Workers’ compensation insurance, which is often used interchangeably with the terms above, is the insurance policy employers must purchase annually in order to provide this kind of coverage.

Work comp insurance is a legal requirement for most employers

If you have employees, state law may require you to carry workers’ compensation insurance. See your state’s specific requirements and reevaluate your policy annually to reflect your current business operations and payroll.

Workers’ compensation protects your employees

Employers are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and training employees on safety procedures. But employee injuries still happen:

  • A worker slips and falls in a retail shop or restaurant
  • An employee is injured in a car accident running company errands
  • A co-worker develops carpal tunnel from repetitive office work

This could be devastating to both employee and employer. Workers’ compensation was created to navigate these situations.

Your workers’ compensation policy has two parts: Part A covers medical costs, rehabilitation expenses and lost income for injured employees, or death benefits to the employee’s dependents. There is no limit to workers’ compensation coverage.

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